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Volkswagen Sends Crew from Brazil to Film Dr. Bob for VW Commercial

On February 17th, 2014 Drs. Bob and Zohara Hieronimus welcomed a crew from Spray Filmes of Sao Paulo Brazil to interview Dr. Bob about his famous Woodstock Bus. Volkswagen has launched a media campaign to bid farewell to the beloved Kombi bus that is being discontinued forever, and they collected stories from all over the world about how this van had touched and transformed people’s lives. They selected their favorites for inclusion in a one-minute television commercial told from the point of view of the Kombi itself, and Dr. Bob’s Woodstock Bus memories will be included. They are also producing a longer tribute video for their website.

The cameraman and the director from Spray Filmes were quite intrigued by Dr. Zohara Hieronimus’s earlier connections to Brazil through the Spiritist Society. Click here to read more about her special honors in 2008 and 2012 from the Peace and You Movement founded by Spiritist leader Divaldo Franco in Salvadore Bahia, Brazil, who paid special tribute for her books The Kabbalistic Teachings of the Female Prophets and Sanctuary of the Divine Presence.

Dr. Zohara Hieronimus sharing with cameraman Gabriel Kalim Mucci the idea that the human being and the Hebrew tabernacle are reflected in each other.

Artist, dancer, author, musician and award-winning broadcaster Dr. Zohara Hieronimus showing off the homage sent from Brazil’s VW Kombi to Dr. Bob. Zoh said the colors remind her of her decades of research into a three-dimensional system integrating color, sound, and space, which is a future book in the making.

Dr. Bob in the Snow

A few days before the interview, Baltimore was blessed with about two feet of snow followed by temperatures well below zero. The temperature on the day of filming was 9 degrees Fahrenheit! To those sarcastic goofballs who are asking us “Where’s that global warming now?” during this worst winter of all times, simply remind them that predictions for global warming have always been described as forerunners to global cooling and extreme super storms. There is no doubt about it, we are headed for an Ice Age, and the powers that be know this. But they made a conscious decision as far back as 1974 to emphasize the problems with Global Warming in the press.

Our old friends Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird (The Secret Life of Plants) showed me research papers they collected when they worked with the OSS and later the CIA indicating the real danger the Earth faces is an impending Ice Age. In 1974 a decision was made to publicize issues about global warming because it included a measure of hope that humans could do something to forestall or change it. It was agreed not to discuss the bigger problems of the resultant global cooling because there is little or nothing humans can do about it. Whether or not you believe this, one thing is obvious: there is nothing normal about the weather anymore.

21st Century Radio has been broadcasting these conclusions on the coming ice age since the first year we were on the air in 1988.

Zoh is wearing a necklace of White Buffalo and turquoise. The White Buffalo are the teachers of peace, and Zoh has featured discussions on this topic on 21st Century Radio. Zoh’s necklace holds 13 teachers of peace!

Our Brazilian crew Judith Belfer and Gabriel Kalim Mucci from Spray Filmes were supremely focused and showed great interest in all things Hieronimus. Their professionalism allowed us to explore multiple levels of meaning of the goal of One People on One Planet.

Dr. Bob Hieronimus seen here in his study being presented with the homage to his Woodstock Bus, custom-made by Volkswagen’s Kombi as a farewell gift. The box is engraved with a plaque that read “To Bob Hieronimus whose art made me famous in Woodstock”.

The thrill of seeing inside the kit for the first time, revealing Dr. Bob’s sense of wonder and joy!

Dr. Bob created a pastel chalk sketch of a “Thank you” note (one in English and one in Portuguese!) for the camera.

Zohara watching Dr. Bob open his present and enjoying the fun!

Dr. Bob reports the “tooth” of the VW sketchpad paper was exquisitely matched to the pastels, and he enjoyed drawing on it so much he can’t wait to return to it!

The inside and outside of the custom-designed, one-of-a-kind art kit that VW made to award to Dr. Bob. He called it “the most exquisitely designed and executed art kit I have ever seen! I’ll be able to enjoy it for many years!”

Thank you for the honor Kombi VW!

Director Judith Belfer clicks the slate to begin the interview with Dr. Bob Hieronimus about his Woodstock Bus. They are sitting in Hieronimus & Co.’s radio broadcasting studio, where for over a quarter of a century he and Zohara Hieronimus have hosted the longest running radio show on the new paradigm in history. Dedicated to One People, One Planet.

Dr. Bob holds the 14 inch die-cast model of the Woodstock Bus, an exact reproduction of the world-renowned VW Kombi. It was created by Sun Star Die Cast for Woodstock’s 40th anniversary in 2009. Here they are interpreting some of the bus’s symbols and their multi-leveled meanings. A very few are still available for sale at

Along with the homage, the Brazilian crew presented Dr. Bob with two Brazilian flags because they knew it was a flag he has admired for years.

The We the People Mural

After the interview, Dr. Bob took the film crew to see his latest mural called “We The People” located at Lafayette and St. Paul. This is one of dozens of Hieronimus murals using symbols with multileveled meanings, but whose underlying philosophy is One People, One Planet. The latest mural was completed in July 2013.

The overall theme of this mural is “One People, One Planet”. The focus on the divine feminine in American symbolism carries the message that the most powerful nation on Earth must tap into its female power and learn to lead with compassion instead of domination. Our unacknowledged roots among the indigenous peoples is demonstrated along the lower portion of this mural. Not only did the mainly matrilineal Eastern nations honor the power of the female, but their balanced approach to their environment also led to sustainable practices that honored the seventh generation and maintained commerce without despoiling the land. Today, corporate greed is killing our future on this planet, and Americans need to embrace all of what the Native Americans tried to teach our forefathers before it’s too late.

Dr. Bob pointing out the three goddesses in the “We the People” mural: the Statue of Liberty, the Statue of Freedom found atop the Capitol Building in Washington DC, and Lady Baltimore atop Baltimore’s Battle Monument.

Detail of “We the People” mural showing Aquarius pouring its “one people, one planet” energies on the universe, with UFOs and constellations of stars emerging from the emanations.

Dr. Bob and the Brazilian crew winding up the 8-hour interview and feeling like old friends!

We the People are one People on one Planet!